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There's a lot of confusion here. The light-side bounty hunter isn't a psychopath. You don't take missions to find little Susie playing with her friends at the school yard followed by killing her and the witnesses. The people you're given bounties for during the class story are typically scumbags. They're people that The Punisher would take out. The light side hunter is someone who is ridding the galaxy of its worst criminals and making money along the way. Even during the great hunt, your targets are criminals.

The problem is that people only seem to be able to define "light side" from the context of the perfect Jedi Master model. Light side and dark side should always be contextually applied to the class in question. A bounty hunter is someone who hunts people for money. Therefore a light side bounty hunter HAS to be someone who still hunts people for money. If you don't collect bounties, you're not a bounty hunter.