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Jumping off the platform with the Scream seems to result in death. I'm guessing that's intended to force you to run back, since jumping off *without* Scream is fairly reliable (we use that to clear the irregularities at start and behind the boss). Running back is pretty easy though. If you don't make any missteps, you should get back to your platform with about 5-10 seconds to spare (depending on tanking class).
KBN do you use phasewalk for this?
Also I got into trouble as I couldn't go to the platform to the left to eat the scream as there were DPS there killing the big orb, and I had to go right. Then only way back was through the spit, which isn't a good idea. I think phasewalk feels like better solution, but you loose healing buff and can only use it every second time.
By the way - I once used phasewalk on SM to avoid the spit just after 2.0 when I was learning new abilities and I got insta-killed - so it might be bugged the phasewalk on those platforms.