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05.31.2013 , 09:16 AM | #4
I have been trying to understand this issue for 2 months now . Unlike many people thinks this is not an issue related to cartel market limit. Accounts are flagged randomly. My account was flagged right after I got the hutt cartel extension and I did not do a single cartel market purchase. I can neither use my credit card or paypal account. Right now I manage my sub through Origin store. (Same credit card Bioware rejects somehow works at Origin)

What is worse is this issue has been suppressed by Bioware for some reason I do not comprehend. If you post anything on the customer service forum regarding this issue, all you get is an answer that says you have to call customer service. Reality is different. When you call customer service they can not help you. They tell you things like check with your bank etc. Then if you persist they patch you through real billing guys who for some reason reside in Ireland.

Here is the thing. That billing support in Ireland works in GMT hours, and they rarely answer their phones. I waited 2 hours on the line multiple times with no luck. Finally got hold of one but he couldn't help me . He didn't know why my account was flagged but he asked me to wait 1 month before trying again. If you try before 1 month, the counter resets.

If you want to buy cartel coins with this issue your only chance is buying an EA cash card and reclaim it. Since Origin does not sell cartel coins (why I have no clue) you can not buy them there unlike subscription

I still do not know why Bioware is not making an official explanation on this issue many users are suffering.

Sorry to see you go my friend but know that you are not alone.