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I have researched the forums regarding this particular issue, and found it did not have a thread devoted to the direct issue at hand.

Personally, I have been a pre-order collection edition subscriber since TOR's launch. I will not try to bolster the value of my subscription by adding in an extensive history of my MMO gaming resume. I believe everyone's subscription is equally valid, regardless of experience to any and every previous title purchased or not.

The reason I include my TOR related information, is to show that I was one of the many who were very excited about this title's release. I have been following it with great interest since it's earliest rumored inception some 8? or so years ago.

Today, I cancelled my subscription, and here is why:

Surprisingly, it has nothing to do with the game play itself. Although there have been quite a few bumps in the road, I do still think ToR is a solid game, with the potential to be a very memorable game.

My problem that lead ultimately to my subscription cancellation was the Cartel Market... particularly the account lockout error. For those who may not be aware, it is an error that an account receives upon attempting to purchase cartel coins. The message field states the customer should try again tomorrow, or contact customer service.

When the Cartel Market first was implemented, I was able to use it without issue. As the weeks went by, however, I began to run into problems with coin purchases.

With the introduction of hypercrates, it became necessary to essentially complete two transactions through the cartel coin purchase menu, as the cost of the hypercrate exceeded the maximum coin bundle available (assuming the customer had a low or depleted cartel coin balance on his or her account ). Although I found this to be odd set up to run the micro transaction store, I made a couple coin purchases. That is when my problem started.

My first coin purchase would go through without issue, but when I attempted to make my second coin purchase, I would receive the lockout error. At this time I figured there was a daily limit on coin purchase, albeit low (it would not cover the cost of a hypercrate ), so I would wait the day as per instruction in the error message, and make the second coin transaction the following day, after the 24 hour waiting period. I used the service in this way for a couple months, without issue.

This did not last, unfortunately. A couple of months ago I have been essentially locked out permanently. I would receive continuous error messages. I would wait a day as per instruction. I would try again and receive the message. I would wait another day, and again receive the message. I began to do a forum search on this issue.

At this point I became aware that this was essentially a "bug", and that a number of the player base were experiencing numerous account lockouts over this particular error message issue. I could not for the life of me find a viable solution, or even an awareness of the problem from the developers from the forum posts I read.

The only solution offered through the forums was from another forum poster who had contacted customer service over the identical issue. The CS representative could only suggest waiting a week long period before attempting to have the flagged account reset and cleared. I learned through that thread that every attempt to purchase coins would effectively reset the lockout timer, and the only way to have it reset was to wait out the lockout period.

I have no idea what this lockout period is.

I contacted customer support myself, and was escalated twice over this issue. I was told the same thing as I read on the forums: to wait a week for the lockout timer to reset. In actuality, I waited two weeks before I tried to use the service again: That was this morning, and, again, I received the lockout error once more.

My subscription is tied to the same credit card... and it went through without issue three days ago. I am unclear if this may or may not add to the problem.

Unfortunately, my faith in the TOR micro transaction system is completely gone at this point. I just cannot find myself supporting a system that I cannot use reliably.

I think it is a shame they lost myself as a customer, over an issue such as this. I do hope this post brings a bit more awareness and helps prevent more potential subscription losses over this error, and it gets addresses and resolved.

Best of luck
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