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05.31.2013 , 07:51 AM | #1
Due to a shortage of raid personnel this week, I ended up tanking for my raid group (normally I heal) on my vanguard. I have healed this fight MANY times, so I understand the basics, but there was one little nuance that seems to have me stumped. Hoping to get an answer before we give it another go tonight (raid was called last night due to time constraints).

When I am tanking the TFB, I know that the other tank taunts once Scream begins casting. This way the other tank has the boss, and I get the Scream debuff. In order to clear the Scream debuff, our regular tanks jump off the platform (not sure if they walk or jump) and get "ported" back to the 1st platform. It's my understanding that this is a quicker method than traversing the 4-5 platforms individually. Problem is, when I tried this last night, I was killed by falling (heard myself do the yelling thing as I fell). How is this supposed to work? Am I supposed to drop off, jump off, what? And if so, which way do I fall off?

Any help is appreciated - We are going to try to finish up tonight before moving on to HM S&V.
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