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I like GeckoOBac's ideas, but today we do have several filtered PVE relics to be PVE only so it's possible.

At the end of the day these are supposed to be the "HEALERS" Relic. It needs to be fixed and actually become a healers relic in the same fashion many of the DPS relics provide DPS only related boosts. I don't care what they (BW Relic Team) do, but it should make it so healers want to use them instead of having to find creative solutions to this failed relic.

Having a BAND-AID Relic system for healers has been a problem for a while now. They need to just buckle down and tackle the problem to resolution. Can't affect PVP and can't boost DPS (Other relics for that).

BAND-AID reference includes having to chase PVP relics for BiS (EWH and Dual Stacked Serendipitous examples).

Additional Ideas some folks have shared with me to keep them "HEALER ONLY" relics:
  • Force/Energy REGEN % Increased (FLAT static % that increases DREAD 1%, ARK 2%, UW 3%, KELL 4%)
  • Flat Static 10% all HEALS CRIT BOOST (Healing Allies only) - like Force Bending with scaling %
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