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Because a player who wants to get a bug fixed files a bug report in game and then posts it in the customer support forum.

A player who wants to gripe about something because they hate corporations and has no realistic understanding of how software works, comes to the Flashpoint forums to post snarky titles with nothing but rants and raves in it on how Bioware sucks.

There's a distinct difference. And I have no sympathy for the latter.

You have a severe attitude problem,the op found a bug and therefor has come on the forums asking has ANYONE expierienced the same problem, he's asked a totally legitimate question tryin to find out is he the only 1 with the problem or is it the same for everyone tryin to enter HCs.

If he's rushed to 50 then that's entirely upto him he payed for the game and can play it as he wishes and I agree with him,it's not like he's talkin about an operation he's talkin about HCs where 1000s more ppl will be trying to enter in the next view days,and believe if it's still not fixed by then the **** really will hit the fan.
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