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Chapter 25

Methic hadn't visited Nar Shaddaa in many years, and being here brought back mixed memories. Here he'd seen his brother, Jasin, for the first time since they'd been separated, and had learned his brother was a Jedi. But here also he had taken his first major act of rebellion against Darth Baras, by sparing a Sith Lord that Baras wished dead.

Now, Methic was here to find Black Sun.

Blue lightsaber ignited, he stepped into the cul-de-sac and glared at the dirty, bedraggled criminals sitting on the sidewalks. Though they could not see his expression through his mask, they obviously saw his displeasure and shot off, hiding from him. He reached the house at the end of the corridor and nodded behind him. Quinn and Pierce stepped up, stacking the door.

Pierce kicked down the door and Methic charged in, lightsaber raised at guard. No blaster bolts shot forth, so he stepped fully into the house. He reached out with the Force and sensed no one in the house.

"Clear," he said.

Pierce and Quinn entered, weapons raised at shoulder height. Pierce moved off through the room to the left, while Quinn went to the right. Methic sheathed his lightsaber, clipped it to his belt, and stepped over to a computer terminal in the back corner. He powered it up.


Methic frowned and typed in BLACK SUN. The screen flashed, lit up green, and activated. Methic smiled. Quickly he copied all information on the terminal to his datapad. Then he powered off the terminal and backed up.

"Sir!" called Quinn. "In here."

Methic walked back into the room and felt his gut go cold. Several corpses–all Evocii–sat in crumpled heaps in the corners of the room. More disturbingly, they all had coral-like growths coming from their heads and shoulders. Methic stepped over to one and lifted his eyelids. He shuddered.

"Black eyes," he said. "They've been infected by the Seeds."

"I thought we destroyed them all," whispered Quinn.

Pierce entered behind them and coughed in surprise. Then he moved in beside Methic and knelt, searching the corpses. He came up with a few blasters and knives, but no forms of personal identification.

"I know Darth Nox got one seed," Methic said. "But from what I know he hasn't been to Nar Shaddaa recently."

"So," Quinn said grimly, "somehow Black Sun got a hold of one."

"But how would they know how to use it?" Pierce asked.

"That's what worries me," Methic said softly. "Okay, come on. Back to the ship."

* * *

Methic had returned to the ship when the holoterminal beeped. Methic frowned curiously, pulled his helmet off, and threw it onto the couch. Then he activated the terminal. To his surprise, Gareb's image appeared. Since Gareb had discovered Methic was a Sith, he'd been very cold toward him.

"Gareb..." he said. "This is a surprise!"

Gareb nodded. "I...Methic. Look, I haven't been very Jedi-like since Ilum. I'm sorry."

Methic waved his hands. "No need to apologize. It was a surprise for me to see you as a Jedi, too."

Gareb nodded. "We need to find out about the Black Sun attack on Dromund Kaas. Can you give us information?"

Methic hesitated. "Why?"

"Please. Your man Quinn told you about the attack on Coruscant; don't pretend like you don't know."

"I suppose that would do a disservice to both of us."

"Good. Then please, give us what you have."

Methic nodded. "All right, I'll transfer the information to your holoterminal. Just promise me one thing: you'll transfer me information on the attack on Coruscant, and anything you find out."

"Will do, Methic. Gareb out."

"Methic out."