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Kuronan I totally agree with you and would LOVE to have a pure power static relic(s). I would love to see the healing relic be worth a crap instead, but it's not likely.

I'm personally going with UW Serendipitous and good ole faithful EWH Relic myself. While I have a clickly relic I don't actually use it as often as I should and lose out of power overall.

The problem is a static power relic would be OP in both PVE and PVP. That's why I suggested one that is not PVP capable and centered around the healing one to keep DPS from going OP on that. (They have great DPS relics, but the healers one is lacking some kick)

You might want to check on that Static Barrier healing everyone comment. I think it's only YOU that gets the heals. Maybe I missed that in the healing tree, but I've not seen that feature. (Would be GREAT if we actually have one)
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