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I cannot tell you how USELESS these 'Proc' relics are to me as a Sorcerer Healer... I don't have the luxury of picking who gets it, because my Static Barrier heals anyone affected by it, and I shield everyone, plus revivification hits 8 people over ten seconds... And the 20 second cooldown makes me benefit more from my War Hero Stat Relics than these new Proc relics...

I think the relic should have one of the following changed about the way it works, in addition to removing the cooldown (and possibly applying to multiple targets):
A) The relic should only proc on single-target heals, so that guy with only 3 damage taken doesn't steal it from the tank constantly taking 2k every half second.
B) The relic should be able to heal instantly, rather than over three seconds, because the heal itself is so weak I can get more out of Resurgance procs than I can get out of it most of the time.
C) Scrap these Proc Relics, just give us back Pure Stat relics, because I find those work a lot better.
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