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Bioware STATS Team-

For the love of healers in game that avoid these like the plaque.. Please make them a viable HEALING Relic.

NOBODY actually uses these Relic's that should be balanced for dedicated healer and BiS. (They are not BiS)

Even the new KELL DRAGON version has some poor stats:
106 Endurance < > 36 Power
+50% Chance of 689 heal over 3 seconds. (20 second CD)

Give is some MEAT and make it better than the old ELITE WAR HERO (120 power) and keep the xxx over 3 seconds. Shouldn't conflict with the Serendipitous relics (Wording seems to show it would).

A) 106 Endurance + 136 Power + 50% Chance to 689 heal over 3 seconds
B) 94 Endurance + 36 Power + 1,689 heal over 3 seconds (Proc Relic - doesn't conflict with others)
C) 86 Endurance + 46 Power + 50% CRIT HEALS ONLY over 3 seconds (20 sec CD)

NOTE: These are PVE specific RELIC's so splash the "Doesn't work in PVP" stuff into all them.
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