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12.21.2011 , 05:53 PM | #6
if that's honestly how it works then it defeats the purpose of having a story system that allows you to make choices.

I would have to assume bioware knows better than to do that?

Light/Dark options should be ultimately cosmetic/story decisions.

Right now as far as I know, if i continue to play through the story making the story decisions i personally want to make, I'll simply never be able to use relics.

I'm okay with being locked out of certain cosmetic items.

But if my character is seriously weaker simply becuase i've decided to participate in the vaunted storyline of the game, that seems completely backwards to the point of bothering to put the story in the game.

Penalized, becuase you consciously participate rather than just mashing the light or dark button every time.

I hate all ths complaining becuase it's a great game with some flaws, but this is a MAJOR oversight if it's actually true.