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I ran through 3 level 55 HM falshpoints as a scoundrel healer the other night with some pretty nice people. It was my first time going through them. 1 of the flashpoints i didn't see the tactics online for, but they were happy to explain. There were only 2 deaths, 1 where i was silly and got knocked off the edge in hammer station [they were able to live till i got back as well] and the other where a dps suddenly got hit by lots of enemies at once. 2 seconds and he was down, nothing i could really do. I didn't even get the time to target him.

Yes we did each of the bonus bosses. Each fp we got was different from the last, only one i didn't get to do was Athiss. This was with a group of people i didn't know previously. It was..pretty fun. c: I had no problems. Except for the fact that only heavy armor dropped each fp, mostly aim, a tiny bit of strength.

Note I wasn't geared all the way. I might have had a few 58 mods, headpiece was 61, and i had a fair amount of 63 mods i had bought, but not all purples. I don't think they are..that hard myself. But i might have just lucked out with a nice tank c:
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