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05.29.2013 , 01:00 PM | #142
^^ Agree with this.

The Healers typically have the hardest time in the new FPs as you see an awful lot of people rush into trash mobs and know that you have managed to keep them up last time that you will keep them up this time.

Every now and again I should let the party wipe to prove a point. My healer typically pulls 2.5-3k healing on a single target and can get up to ridiculous numbers (5k+) on trash mobs if everyone is in my puddle. But to have to hit every cooldown correctly because of the amount of dmg people take means I cannot make a mistake. Bioware gave you defensive cooldowns, interrupts and stuns for a reason.....use them!!!
The answer is easy the question is not....oh who am I kidding!!!.