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I promise you, those 69 geared healers rage quitting are not the good ones. A skilled 69 geared healer with low latency should be able to keep everyone topped off a majority of the time, or close to it. Try mezzing a couple of elites if things are too rough.
I can keep up a bad group fine, but when players are truely terrible.. such as one tank on final boss of athiss who insisted a strat was to stand in a purple circle and tank the boss so more purple circles would be in one place and not spread around the chamber for instance ... I can't keep up stupid to the point of fail.

sometimes i feel like i should just go dps and pew pew and not have to work hard sometimes.. i run torparse and I have to have HPS in the 3k to 4k range generally while the dps doesn't even break 1500 DPS. it does feel a bit unfair that I have to put up three times the numbers that the dps does in order to succeed. I've hit 5k or more HPS on some trash pulls just to keep the group up and rolling.

i'd just like to see the group working as hard as I am and there's where I don't feel the HM's are tuned properly. it's not that they're hard.. it's just the effort required out of healers is, according to the parse numbers, three times that of the tank or dps.

if i have to work three times as hard.. i should get three times the rewards but that's not the case
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