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05.29.2013 , 11:43 AM | #6
Pre 2.0 on Begeren Colony there was a tank shortage, now it is a slight healer shortage.

To be fair, most of the good tanks/healers are in guilds and will not run PUGs through FPs anymore due to the cap on comms as this can be hit very quickly just running guildies and then there is no incentive to do the FP anymore.

Typically tank queues are usually shorter in FPs, I have 2 55 Tanks (Jug and Sin) and a 55 Healer (Sorc, Main). The problem I have been seeing lately though is that a lot of people are already geared to the level they are comfortable with and will now only run Operations with guildies.

I suggest you find a group of like-minded people and form a guild and choose your role, tank/healer depending on the guilds needs and what suits you best.
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