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Due to the general cowardice of the community there's no way you'd get a case where people respeced healer to a DPS. 1 healer, 1 tank, and 6 DPS might indeed be the best team to use right now against heavy heals because it's hard to see 4 DPS overpowering even 1 healer + 1 tank if your DPS is at all good at denial. But you won't see a team like that because people are afraid to try new things. It's not hard to see that if 1 healer can trivially outheal the DPS of 1 DPS then stacking up more healers is even more favorable against DPS and quickly gets you to the point where you can't die, and if you can't die you usually won't lose. This doesn't address the fact that just because you can't lose doesn't mean you've a way to actually win, but most premade's understanding of the game involves just stacking overpowered classes, so if that's all you know, starting with 'can't lose' sure looks pretty good.

Stopping healing trance was always extremely hard, because it's meant to be that way. If you can stop healing trance with any kind of reliability, there would be no point to play a Sorc pre 2.0. So no 'stop healing trance' isn't something the DPS can do. If they can do that you might as well eliminate Sorc as a healer, as they'd be dead 100% of the time. It's the fact that healing trance usually slips through against even the best DPS is why Sorc healing was even viable prior to 2.0. Now with changes like faster salvation and polarity shift the balance may be too much in the other way, but you never truly stopped healing trance.

By the way, the game has never been 1 healer > 1 DPS. 1 great DPS > 1 great healer unless it was an Operative pre 2.0, to the point where playing non Operative healer is a significant liability. You pretty much need taunt and guard to break even against 2 DPS, and of course by then you get into the team game which is fair.
See a bar POP up and press a button. I don't see what's so hard about that. When I play a dps I don't really have an issue with healers so much. It's just a matter of working with your team.