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First Round: June 9th at 12:00 PM Pacific Time (NOON)
Second Round: June 9th at 1:30 PM Pacific Time
All other subsequent rounds will be played on this day.

All players and guilds are eligible to play.
1.) All four players must be in the same guild. I donít care if you join guilds 5 minutes before the duel.
2.) The only composition rule is the rule of two, no more than two of any advanced class or trinity spec (Heal/DPS/Tank). Thus a team of 3+ healers or a team of 3+ assassins would be ineligible, etc.
3.) All specs, grenades, ingame items, etc are allowed EXCEPT BATTLE REZ. No exploits or glitches will be tolerated. Any team that interferes with another duel will be warned then banned from the tournament.
4.) Send 200,000 credits to Man-iac as tournament fee at least 1 hour prior to the duel. (This is to encourage people to show-up and give the winners an even bigger incentive, and I lowered it since PvP players are apparently all broke).
5.) If you are interested in participating, post in this forum the following:
[Guild/In Game Name/Class/Spec(Heal/DPS/Tank)] for all 4 players.

Prizes are as follows:
1st Place = 4 cartel packs, and 50%% of the total prize pool or 1,600,000 credits, whichever is less.
2nd Place = 1 cartel pack, and 25% of the total prize pool or 800,000 credits, whichever is less.
3rd Place = Tournament fee returned of 200,000 credits.
4th Place = E P3n1s Recognition

Format of Duel
The tournament is double elimination (losers bracket and guaranteed at least two rounds).
The first round will be the best of 1 match.
The second, third, any other needed rounds will be the best of 3.
The championship will be the best of 5.
If games start to take two long, a second arena area will be established to keep us on schedule.
Man-iac will be the sole decider in all disputes and will redo matches if there is outside interruption.

Other Notes
The bracket will be capped at 16 teams. If a team does not show up or forfeits the next available team can take their spot if they pay the tournament fee.
Bracket will be made once the 16 team limit is met, or a few hours prior to the duel using

Enjoy, and lets show those Pot5 guys we are the best server.
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