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Testing should've been done way before announcing a date. It's like every time Bioware launches an update, they do their testing a day before it goes live. If the QA team are testing the patch for bugs weeks before, the planned patch update will not be delayed.

Going again with the track record of Bioware Austin in releasing patches, this shouldn't be new and surprising - always delaying a patch due to the last minute testing. To some, Bioware's word including you Eric doesn't carry any more weight, sure you're honest and all but when someone in the Bioware Austin team say something, it goes to one ear and goes out to the other that quick. We'll believe when we see it.

Again, we don't expect those planned 2.2, 2.3, 2.4 game updates to release on time. That will save us the disappointment to not expect anything because the developer rarely meets a deadline in time.
If there is one thing I have learned watching Double Fine's Adventure Documentary is delays happen... a LOT. Its not Bioware... or EA... or any class/group/section of developers... its all of them. There is nothing wrong with delays, and I much prefer them telling us a projected date rather than no date at all. Soon(tm) was practically coined on this site, because they would NEVER give out dates until you saw the maintenance post... Heaven forbid they post that and then have to pull it before the maintenance happens.... OH NOES!

So just a little insight, they set a goal and a deadline and stick to it until it comes down to the absolute last second and they know 100% they cannot meet the deadline. If there is even a 1% chance they can meet that deadline, they will work their butt off to get there.

You are also assuming that they "just" discovered the bug, and are "just" realizing they need to fix it. This could be true... I mean it is a class story bug... do you REALLY expect QA to play through all 8 class stories, picking EVERY dialog option to make sure its not broken, for EVERY minor update??? I mean please... be realistic. So the fact that they even caught this issue is surprising to me. It was probably some dev just happened to load up their 30 something to screw around with the build and noticed this issue by sheer luck. Now that being said, they could have discovered this weeks ago, or maybe days, or hours, we don't know... but again, they are not going to pull a maintenance just because a bug is found unless there is no chance to fix it before the deadline. This was one of those cases and thus it go pushed back.

If you don't like the level of communcation on the forums, please go away from the forums... and then you will happily be back in the dark with no clue of when a patch is coming until you go to log in and see you have a download. I for one appreciate the honesty and them telling us what is going on (good or bad) rather than the dead silence we had from 1.2 to 1.7... You want silence... stop reading the Dev Tracker.
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