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As long as you're open & honest with us.
Testing should've been done way before announcing a date. It's like every time Bioware launches an update, they do their testing a day before it goes live. If the QA team are testing the patch for bugs weeks before, the planned patch update will not be delayed.

Going again with the track record of Bioware Austin in releasing patches, this shouldn't be new and surprising - always delaying a patch due to the last minute testing. To some, Bioware's word including you Eric doesn't carry any more weight, sure you're honest and all but when someone in the Bioware Austin team say something, it goes to one ear and goes out to the other that quick. We'll believe when we see it.

Again, we don't expect those planned 2.2, 2.3, 2.4 game updates to release on time. That will save us the disappointment to not expect anything because the developer rarely meets a deadline in time.