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Heals are very overpowered right now that it's not just premades running a lot of healers, though obviously premades tend to be the biggest culprits. 1 healer is fine. 2 healers is boderline manageable. Anything more than that you're getting into the staring contest range. Even with 2 healers a lot of fights are going to come down to the fact that you team killed their healer twice instead of just once for your healer and no one class should have this much impact. Of course it does boil down to DPS, especially since healing is now super easy for non Commandos that even bad players can do it fairly well. But it'd usually boild own to ways that have nothing to do with killing the opposition, and a WZ where the node never flipped control is just not very exciting. But people have to die first for things like that to happen.
I just cant agree with this. The best groups will change one of their healers to dps, 3 healers is redundant unless you already have a defensive position/lead.

Its almost like you are unhappy with the role of healers in online games...

There is a reason why healers are "marked" to start, because as soon as the healer goes down you can mow through the other team. There is a reason why the tank guards the healer. There is a reason why in this game there is 1 healer to 3 other classes. The importance of the healer is hard coded into this game, you either accept that or you dont. But there is no way you can make a healer = to a dps, without completely changing the entire structure of this game.

And the reason no one is flipping a node is because both sides are foolishly playing for a stalemate. If your team has the tick, fine play deny mid. But if your team is a tick down, you should really try and grab another node, hope for an overreact (or not) and try and win the game.

Id have no problem with a que that allows for selection of healer and tries to even it out.