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05.28.2013 , 03:37 PM | #304
[QUOTE=Astarica;6364943]Um, Healing Trance ticks extremely fast. You'll probably get half of the heals off before you can interupt it, and then you also don't have an interrupt to deal with anything else they might cast, and Healing Trance has a very low CD. Deliverance is still a more powerful heal if you get to free cast it. It's just that there's currrently no real need to even cast that between all the other uninterruptible/hard to interrupt heals, because it's risky to cast a Deliverance and have it interrupted at the last 0.1s when you can just spam 4 different fast/instant heals.[QUOTE]
So be fast that is where skill comes in. Healing trance has increased crit if they are using it as they should be plus it allows them to use stacks to get back force or drop instant puddles. If you eliminate healing trance they will be both putting out less heals and running our of force more quickly.