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You are basically arguing against yourself now. If innervate is on cool down, the only big heal I have is dark infusion, which you just said is a risky cast. Otherwise its dark heal (also channeled) which is not force efficient and crits for 40-50% less.

The only 3 spells I can use while moving and heal are 1) cleanse, 2) shield and 3) resurgence. Otherwise I have to stand there (even if reviv is 2 stacks, I still have to stand still)

Im just not sure how sorcs are overpowered...
You're not supposed to be energy neutral while eating focus fire - though the self heal and bubble HoT helps. Don't neglect polarity shift and overload either. If you're not taking the instant AOE heal on overload and spamming it you're doing it wrong - it's very good. You're going to keep innervate on cooldown even if people go to interrupt it because you're probably going to get at least 2 ticks and right after that you're going to follow it with resurgence into dark heal. You can use resurgence into innervate if you're not being focused but I think people don't realize that when you are being focused you want to use resurgence on dark heal for burst healing.

This is why sorcs benefit inordinately from having a second healer. They can go invincible and get healed to full, even while stunned, sit in their cuddle puddle with HoTs on them from an operative and consume themselves to regain mana, and when needed pop polarity shift for the anti-interrupt effect - particularly if their resolve bar is maxed.