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05.28.2013 , 02:23 PM | #298
the first issue is the lack of voice chat in pugs.
the second is the 90% of players are terribads or are people who aren't at 100% in wz environment
people don't knowing the other classes(name of casts to interrupt)

if 2 dps focus a healer he's dead.
if the said healer is forced to heal just himself the others are killable.
a good burst from 2 players can shut you down (i know, i play healers, dps and tanks in pvp) i've seen this from every point of view possible, taunted the dps focusing my healer, joined another dps in taking down a healer (they go DOWN) have been focused by two dps..i died after casting self heals till resource went exausted.

sure that if on an operative i run all the time deployng HoTs and surgical probes and aoe on TA i will never stopped by all those keyboard turners, backpedallers clickers out there.
i've passed a whole VS chasing a sage and it's sure he didn't heal anyone but himself. but he never died lol.

and good teamplay is good.
so nerf sages and guardians because they can score alone in huttball in less than 20 seconds. it's the same issue.
if you cannot play wz go for the dailies on tatooine