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05.28.2013 , 12:56 PM | #288
What 4 other heals do sorcs have that can be spammed?

1) revivication requires a 3x proc from innervate and has a 15 second cd

2) resurgence has a cool down 6 seconds

3) Shield can be spammed but not on same player due to ionization

4) Cleanse has a cd 4.5 seconds

If you are a sorc healer, you also likely have to use non-pvp gear to get the cd reduction on innervate, otherwise its 9 seconds. Which I guess is now a "very low cd".

Sure I can spam heal against a team that is 1v 1 solo death matching. But if you focus 1 target and you are stunning me, there is no way I can fix it. All the resurgence/shield in the world isnt going to solve a burst. For that you need innervate and dark infusion, which are both channeled.

What is funny is when I go into wzs with players who dont have good gear and they are melted before I can even attempt to try and bring them back. Yeah Im hard to kill, I have fully augmented gear and understand what I am doing.