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sometimes old low enhancements a better for min-max your stats
sometimes people do not have credits enough to rip off modes just now and here :-)
HM TfB guild run, sawbones wins offhand on Kephess The Undying, rips everything out of old offhand but crystal and augment as group runs off towards Terror. Sawbones closes up shop and runs after them. Sawbones proceeds to heal Terror without barrel, mod or enhancement in offhand. Group wipes after healer gets pulled into vortex despite rolling away from it as fast as possible. Still does not put stuff into offhand. Group wipes again when someone gets too close to adds. Sawbones escapes combat when leader calls wipe, so no long ride back, but still does not put mods back into offhand... What an idiot. After a few more wipes, Terror is dead. Finally sawbones turns in quest and goes back to ship. That was when I finally noticed I messed up (I was the sawbones) I apologize in ops chat and in guild chat for my mistake. I just didn't want the group waiting on me and figured I would do it before the pull, but somehow just forgot.

Looked at uploaded logs and I still did more hps and ehps than the other Sage healer (of course Sageís donít get credits for the bubbles), couldnít help with the wipe where I got pulled in, but I figure the other wipes were my fault as I may have been able to heal the group through the other mistakes.

Sometimes people just do silly things just because they make a stupid mistake, even when they are trying to do what is right by the group.

So I am the weirdest person I have seen in group play or in group finder.