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05.28.2013 , 10:22 AM | #97
I have done this mission 3 times so far on my sawbones, twice with guild members and once because a person that I had done a random HMFP with months ago and happened to put on my friends list whispered me that they needed a healer. Getting a group isnít that difficult and people do not have to be on the mission to help. The funniest part is, while I have finished the Seeker Droid Missions, I havenít gotten past Belsavis with the Macrobinocular quests. I have just done the heroic to help others out. One day I plan on finishing the line and if I canít find a group, I plan to ask guildmates and friends, if they will not come willingly I will threaten them with not healing them next time we are grouped together.