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05.28.2013 , 10:14 AM | #283
I didn't read this whole thread but I will say this...

I notice an ENORMOUS difference between normal and ranked WZs; AND competent teams/good players in normal WZs vs less effective teams. As a healer, I cannot lol-heal in ranked. In normals, against good players, I rely on my team a ton to survive focus fire - but against less effective players/teams, I can, for example, hold up 3-5 players at a point for a very long time as a sorc healer (same for my operative healer).

In conclusion, it is absolutely a LTP issue for those players - or perhaps they just have a really bad comp. Either way, before 2.0 any derp DPS would do. Now, teams actually need to focus fire, stagger interrupts on good healers. This is obviously more difficult for PUGs to do but it can be done. Good players are good players.

Editing to add - guard/taunt (especially when paired with op healers) is probably too strong. Also, op healers need resource management to enter the equation again. The skill cap for healing on an op is far too low now because we never have to consider energy unless we're being careless and rolling all around.

on some dead servers atm