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05.28.2013 , 09:23 AM | #282
Both my Ops healer and my sorc healer die pretty easily to 2 dps.
Anyone should be deader than dead 2on1. You should be dead 1on1 without help. Your phrasing is so entitled like "well losing 2v1 is means I'm balanced". Really? Of course you should lose 2on1, I don't care what class you play. Your posts are painful to read.
I know any of my dps characters can fully occupy a healer.
He's fully occupying the DPS as well, more than occupying. A healer shouldn't be this paragon role of uberness which 1 enemy merely "occupies" the time of. Like I said, your phrasing is beyond entitled.
Have you tried, you know, interupting the healers?
Let's list the main spells an Operative uses to see what I can interrupt...
- Kolto Probe? Nope.
- Surgical Probe? Nope.
- Recuperative Nanotech? Nope.
- Their cleansing dispel which also heals? Nope.
- Kolto Injection? The weak filler heal? Ah, alright, there we go. I can interrupt THAT... while the vast majority of their healing performance is uninterruptable and undispellable AND dirt cheap on resource cost.

A Sorc/Sage isn't much better. Their spammable bubble AND their short cd HOT are both instant. Their channelled spell is almost certain to tick 1-2x before being interrupted AND has a cooldown shorter than most interrupts, which makes it not worth interrupting, since they already got a sizeable heal off AND leaves you unable to interrupt their filler. Like Operative, Sorc/Sage leaves you in a spot where you can only interrupt their filler which isn't the bulk of their healing output. Their big AOE heal is interruptable at least, which is something.

Players who are ignorant of healing specs should refrain from making off-hand comments trying to smugly imply that other players are bad.
4 seconds of global shutdown on heals for an interrupt would actually force healers to learn to play and finally draw a line between conscious healers and heal farm spammers.
Im a healer btw.
That does sound like a reasonable potential solution... but one that basically kills all Merc/Commando healers completely. Moving Healing Scan to Instant cast might be an additional adjustment for them to at least not leave them worse than currently.

Which is exactly why I hated playing a Healer pre-2.0 - in an random battlefield consisting entirely with PUGs, randoms, zerging and NO TEAMPLAY.
I dislike playing healing specs because I don't like being dependent on others if I'm caught in a 1v1 or 1v2 or even just a generally split up engagement. My solution isn't "OMG LET'S BUFF HEALERS TO DOMINATE ALL SIZES OF GAMEPLAY", my solution is to recognize that healing in PVP isn't really for me as a player. A LOT of healers posting against me in this thread only heal because it is so dominating right now, they wouldn't heal if they actually had to be dependent on teammates.

I found the opposite to be true. In PUGs I realized quickly that most matches, we never had a healer and would just get crushed. So I started checking for healers, and if there weren't any I would field respect and we would do a lot better. Sure, it wasn't as fun, but it made the overall warzone more enjoyable.
In the olden days or yore, a long time ago, galaxy, far away, etc... it boiled down to individual competency and communication on the enemy team. It was entirely possible to go 1 match untouched and the next match killed on sight. Nowadays, the latter just isn't an option most of the time because of how disproportinately powerful healing is. Good DPS prioritizing healers cannot shut down even an unsupported healer alone, let alone a supported one. (Individual skill/gear always matters, this is a generalization.)

In lv55 PVP, against premades stacking healers or against pugs with a lot of healers, the match boils down to a "Why bother? They won't die anyway.".