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05.28.2013 , 09:00 AM | #281
Personally I think healing needed to be buffed. Most people didn't like healing in warzones pre 2.0 because 1 DPS could easily kill 1 healer if they were geared right, so there was no point in playing them.
Sounds like your healer shouldn't be 1v1ing. Maybe your team support role needs to be providing and attracting TEAM SUPPORT. If healer is 1v1ing, you're right, there's no point in that player being a healer. Find a healer who knows how to play a healer.

God forbid that you actually need to have a little more teamwork to take down a healer
Requiring a TEAM to take down A player-anything is stupid. It should require a team to beat a team, sure. It should not require a team to kill a lone healer, ever, under any circumstances. It did require teamwork before to kill a healer as part of a team, you had to isolate them so that the dps could do their 1on1 job of killing the healer. If the healer was guarded or being cross-healed, they wouldn't die unless another player was CCing/distracting the other tank, healer, dps-peeler, etc.

Currently you need to have 2 dps on the healer before any other modifiers just to have any hope of killing them within a respawn window. If you have 1 dps chasing 1 healer, that healer ain't dying before the respawn timers have passed a few times. Healers who didn't know how to play with a team, as a team, got mad that dps could 1v1 them so healing got buffed to the point that the game is degenerate. If a healer doesn't have team support, that isn't even necessarily the healer's fault, but it SHOULD be a DEAD healer and quickly. It's frustrating, but it's what you signed up for when you want to roll with a team role.

If you want to be a solo champ, then don't complain when your team support options are limited. If you're gonna be a big source of team support, don't whine about someone else killing you badly 1on1. Like I said, a massively entitled attitude that healers feel they should do anything better than die horribly out alone. You should get what you sign up for role-wise. If your tank is disatisfied his damage is low, he shouldn't be a tank. If your healer is upset he dies 1on1, he shouldn't be a healer. If your dps is upset they can't make a big impact in big battles, they should be a tank/healer instead.

Unfortunately, the current state of affairs is the healers just dominate all categories making 1v1s and team engagements take so long that the actual dps role is a moot point.

No! 4 players from team A chasing 2 healers from team B (they were cross healing and making each other immortal) for more than a solid minute while the remaining 4 players from team A are butchered by 6 players from team B and your objectives are taken is considered a good strategy. You are bad if math works correctly for you, the real players are able to defy math.
It's a lose-lose when stacked healers are involved. If those 6 in mid had the healers instead, they just don't die until respawn timers. If you send equal or less, you make no progress. If you send more, you have no defense.