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Also, level 45 (altough level 50 would be better, as it looks like someone forgot to turn on the bolster in the area) is not that huge time investment.
This wasn't an oversight, apparently people were using Bolster to power-level -- they got their stats boosted up to level 50 blues level, they killed the level 50 mobs, and got the XP which was way higher than they would do by killing stuff near their level.

The result of Bolster being turned off, however, has meant two things:
  1. a level 45 has next to no chance to do the missions themselves -- they can barely hit anything at level 45, and even at 46 it's pretty iffy.
  2. no Expertise for PVE-geared players -- so it's a free-kill zone for that part of the PVP crowd that thinks killing fresh sub-55s, and 55s that don't have a current PVP set, either on their faction or the opposite one, makes them feel superior.
Next time around, Bioware, if you really want to prevent bolster being abused, try creating a "reverse bolster" effect that strips the effect of Expertise out completely, and then only the truly dedicated PVPers will go out of their way to take on fights without a gear advantage.

And, on PVE servers, outside the explicit PVP areas, should never be possible to attack a PVP-flagged player without actively turning on your own PVP flag -- rather than allowing griefers to run into AE damage to flag unsuspecting people -- same should go for healing/buffing flagged "friendlies" to prevent abuses of that also.