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Don't let anyone in Group Finder Need on off-stat items.

You know what I see more often than anything? This scene:
  • F2P: Why did you Need on that?
  • Sub: Oops, sorry. Let me trade it to you.
  • Sub: Oh, crap, I can't trade it because you're F2P. Sorry man.

Oblivious, selfish, or clueless rolls are not constrained to F2P, and they hurt good F2P's as much as anyone else. A few days ago, a level 53 Marauder took a 46-item-level Cunning upgrade from my Operative Healer because "Endurance is Marauder's primary stat" and the item gave him "400 more health", so "he deserved it more than me".

He was a subscriber.
Sadly you have to expect that from Sentinels/Marauders they are the overplayed easy mode class commonly spammed by 12 year olds with no understand of the game whatsoever because you don't need any to play those classes.