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05.28.2013 , 04:17 AM | #224
Random GF to kill some time, Boarding Party pops, well geared 55 Operative healer and 55 Sniper (myself), lvl 52 Jugg tank with about 25k health and a lvl 50 Marauder with 14k health. Ok, I think, fresh 50, not a problem, we can easily carry him. 1st pull, Mara jumps in and dies, we complete pull with no dramas. 2nd pull exactly the same. 3rd pull and Mara has now taken off all armour and is down to 4k health. Various questions are raised and Mara claims he's done it because "he likes a challenge", healer says "don't be a d***, equip your armour or I won't heal you", Mara puts some armour back and says "there, 9k, that's plenty", last comment he saw before being unanimously vote kicked was tank saying "we think not"....