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05.28.2013 , 03:43 AM | #223
So, my experience...... guild EV HM run for the weekly, to get our newly 50-55 player acquainted with the ops runs, and to level up our alts a bit...sadly, not much people online in the guild at that moment, so we go for 2 pugs via general, and we get sage dps almost instantly, and commando healer, both from the same guild....all good, decent gear, sage has got almost 30k hp, and wears Karaggas hat proudly.....while we wait for people to come to Gav, sage asks how can he check his gear rating..... o.O moment...ok, we explain it to him (open char screen, hover over a piece of gear, look inside the brackets, etc....)..all good, we go inside, kill the first boss, no fuss, we roll for the drop and sage gets heavy armor str gear......ok, mistakes happen, we ask him politely why did he roll need on it, and if it was by mistake, can he give it to the players who can actually use the piece...he said he rolled greed on it, not need, and he passed it it was a guild run, I was on voice chat with the rest of the guildies, and I know at least one of them rolled need on the item (we checked system entries a few moments later, he rolled need, so he lied)...we talk about it over voice chat, and we agreed if he roll one more need on a piece of gear (not mats, we don't make fuss about needing mats), we will kick him. Keep in mind he is almost 30k unbuffed, so any piece of gear that drops from EV is way below his current, Gharj, no biggie, we get the boss down as fast as possible, loot screen pops out, sage rolls need on everything. As I was raid leader, insta kick/ignore. I get out to Fleet to get replacement, and there he is, in front of the instance entry, jumping around me, wanting to talk. So, I get him off the ignore list, and ask him why he needed.....he said he needs the gear for Nadia....ok, no problems mate, but you should have asked if you can roll need for companion, and show some manners that way...if you want back in, we are willing to let you finish the run with us, but loot will be set on ''Master Looter'', and if you agree, we can proceed......and here comes the enrage.......''oh, learn how to play, I don't need to explain myself to anyone, I roll what I want, you are all whimps, grow a pair and grow up''
Back to ignore list, and this time for the entire guild.
Remember that we had that commando healer, from the same guild as sage? While this all was playing out he was silent, at least in ops chat, wasn't making a fuss, and he was willing to stay with us for the remainder of the his own admission, it was his first EV run, so we took it nice and slowly, and explained everything to him, he listened, and did some nice the end, he got a shiny new vehicle, and a tank that will be on his disposal when he needs me.
Now, I might have been a d*** myself, but if you are a pug on mostly guild run, imo its a good manner to ask before you roll need on something that is really way below your level.
Sorry for the long post, and for the mistakes...sadly, no potato