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05.28.2013 , 03:37 AM | #42
They are not hard... Some pulls though require more cooperation and some tactics, but it's doable, if you talk to your party members and actually work together. The only thing that really requires good DPS are bonus bosses, as they have tight enrage timers - like the one at Cademinu. Started tanking them at fully itemized and crafted 66 with old 22 augments, and it was breeze. Now in full 28 augmented 69 it's just even easier.

Instead on merging them, try playing in team. Use cc, form strategies before hardest pulls or before boss battles, and even having people in 61s won't be the problem. Of course in that gear tolerance for mistakes is smaller and if you miss avoiding aoe you will take more damage and may die, instead of just brushing that damage in 69. But things like that always happen.