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05.27.2013 , 11:24 PM | #17
XP Nerfing and or Halting all together is such a horrible idea. I know PvP is just one aspect, but it would be near decimated as people halted their level advancement right before they need their big boy britches, just so they could twink out and feel awesome at pwning noobs in the low level warzones. Wait times for end game warzone and ops queues would increase beyond the already near absurd times that currently exist.

If you must feel "challenged", challenge yourself. Come up with creative and challenging ways to do content. Ranged DPS? Try taking on the next planet using your limited amount of melee abilities. Healer? Try respeccing to Tank or DPS and switching your companion for the next planet? While we're at it, do the next planet without a companion at all. Feel too powerful? Try out that crazy new build idea you had at some point but decided to to the "proper" route.

An xp reducing item in the CC would be an option, but as others have said, it probably won't happen because it won't bank much. *Most* players don't want to be under leveled and challenged... that's why the boosts are there to begin with. Players like progression. Players like power. Players want to continue forward without worrying about side content. Players have a lot of reasons for liking XP and not many reasons for disliking it.