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The bonus series that started immediately after the normal planet mission series might have given commendations but bonus series that started several levels higher than the last normal mission did not. Hoth is not the only such example.
I can confirm and expand on this. Nar Shaddaa and Alderaan on the republic side, would be the other situations. As was mentioned, basically the few instances where the bonus series level is considerably higher than the main planet level. It would make no sense to give Nar Shaddaa commendations for completing content of a level way beyond Nar Shaddaa. So instead the missions usually offer a free blue storage box or credit box of appropriate level. They probably *could* have gone through and re-wrote the bonus series missions rewards after the commendation change, but it's so easy to get planetary comms now that would have been an extreme waste of time and resources. Personally, I like the item rewards. The orange items are 90% of the reason I even bother with bonus series.