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Quote: Originally Posted by Slydermv View Post
So Bioware gave the players options of a few story driven flashpoints, and a few solely combat oriented flashpoints and QQ?

They are all optional content. If you don't like one set of combat oriented flashpoints, don't do them and level. If you don't like the story ones, don't do them and level.

But please, for the love of god... stop with all the tears.

I'm not paying $15 a month to skip content.

I stopped playing WoW because I managed to finally open my eyes that Blizzard had tried so hard to keep shut and realized that most of what I was doing just wasn't enjoyable.

Farming mats to make money wasn't fun, but you had to do it to get enchants/gems.

Grinding the same 2 heroics (ZA/ZF) to hit the Valor cap for the week so you could get some gear wasn't fun.

Playing through unique instances in which my character has deep impacts on the outcome of a situation is, and that's what I believed SWtoR was going to be like, but it seems Bioware has pulled the old switcheroo on us all.

I'm done paying for a game that forces me to do things that aren't fun, especially with so many amazing games on the market this season. MW3, BF3, AC:R, Skyrim, Arkham City, the list goes on.