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Don't let anyone in Group Finder Need on off-stat items.

You know what I see more often than anything? This scene:
  • F2P: Why did you Need on that?
  • Sub: Oops, sorry. Let me trade it to you.
  • Sub: Oh, crap, I can't trade it because you're F2P. Sorry man.

Oblivious, selfish, or clueless rolls are not constrained to F2P, and they hurt good F2P's as much as anyone else. A few days ago, a level 53 Marauder took a 46-item-level Cunning upgrade from my Operative Healer because "Endurance is Marauder's primary stat" and the item gave him "400 more health", so "he deserved it more than me".

He was a subscriber.
sub then you won't have this issue i don't mean to sound mean but i don't think it is fail to allow f2p to need unless they can trade, many jerks in every game when it comes to loot sorry this happened but them the breaks.

even if you subbed you would still see the is same issue a jerk is a jerk f2p or sub.