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Quote: Originally Posted by SithKoriandr View Post
Isnt that what many said would happen if F2P happened?
And it did.
But you are comparing two very different things.

With F2P a certain amount of subscribers left, either because they disagreed with the change or because they were bored or because they simply thought going preferred worked better for them now that that was an option. However, the player numbers were increased significantly by the new F2Pers that more than made up for the lost subs in terms of sheer numbers.

Unlike that change though, this change would definitely not have such a huge impact on the number of players. Obviously some would unsub, but then again people unsub every day for the most irrational reasons, and a small number would be satisfied with the change. However there is no way numbers will go up with this change because it's not something that makes you want to play a game.

In other words, they have nothing to gain from this, unless the price is really high.
In fact, they'll be losing subs when people won't have to level an Assassin AND a Sorcerer (etc.).
But, if that is what it takes to keep the game going, I don't care either way.
I just find it stupid because half the fun of a class is in learning it from scratch, but to each their own I suppose.