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Quote: Originally Posted by Philelectric View Post
I stopped here and started to laugh very loudly

Instan whirlwind allowed my to ninja cap a node defended by 2 defenders. Why would you absolutly need it to ninja cap a node?

Please,dont bring the ''operatives have flash grenade so I have to have instan whirlwind''. We have a lot of tools they would trade their flash grenade for so please leave this advantage to the operative
That must be some very terrible defenders.

Quote: Originally Posted by JP_Legatus View Post
That defense can still be beaten and against 2 players you are probably getting capped on
And to the guy who said something about trivial caps vs jugg defenders, jugg defenders are always trivial caps in any warzone including novarre coast regardless of whether we have instant whirlwind or not
Please, do explain.

And naturally you are going to get capped by 2 people that know what they do. It's your teams job to make sure the enemy team can't afford to lose that second person in the primary fight.
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