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Coming from the guy who constantly spouts the "server is dead, no population what so ever" is any better garbage then wanting ping over population. But you know I could never have experienced 300+ people on fleet that lasted less then a month with your ever accurate projections, and you seem to think having 100 people on the fleet affects my gameplay more then 200ms will effect it. Which is rather funny because you keep assuming I'm playing lolschweeps (for the refreshing sweep) which I haven't played since before a month or so before the expansion. While you have played it more then me this expansion, so yes you are garbage too.

But since we judge of playing OP classes akin to playing a pyro back in the day of rail shot spamming, you could easily put yourself in that garbage pile twice. In the end your un-subbing and I'm not.
You're calling Pyro OP? lol you're more terrible than I thought (not really) seeing as I kicked your *** in a 1v1 on a recruit geared guardian while you were in Warhero lol.

Pyro = Great burst terrible survivability = balanced even more so with the range nerfs.

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