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05.27.2013 , 03:22 AM | #8
I don't see it as that big of a deal.
However, it's unlikely that it'll be any sort of "unlock" or "switch" that can be done like some sort of field respec.

I figure it's possible from a technical standpoint because Advanced Classes don't seem to hook too deeply into the system like Faction, base class, or gender do.
There aren't any storyline or companion changes that would need to be made.
Swap out one power set for another and you've changed advanced classes.
Sure, a lot of your equipment would be obsolete, but that'd be something you'd have to deal with on your own.

I'd expect it to cost about 1800cc which is the cost of a high-end cosmetic item and consistent with their policy of pricing things so that they can be paid for with just the subscriber stipend.
By making it 1800, that would place a limiting factor on it to once every 3 months without coughing up cash to do it more often.