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So, the Species Change and Barber Shop mentioned in the Dulfy interview from months ago are finally realities. That's a good sign! It means the devs are actually serious about their "Yeah, we'd like to do that" statements.

In that same interview, it was mentioned that Advanced Class changes were also on the table and likely to happen. I'm curious if the community team can update us on whether there's any time-table for when this will be implemented.

Ideally, I'd love it to be a switch you can unlock, then flip any time finally allowing me to Tank & Heal with one character.

But in reality I'm sure it will cost like 6000 Cartel Coins to unlock it, then another 2000 Cartel Coins every time you switch (discounted 3.2% for subscribers, of course) with a 2 month cooldown. Oh well, what can you do? As a start, I'd be happy just to have the option in-game, in any form.

So! Does BioWare have any upcoming plans for this that can be shared with us?
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No, get this stupid notion out of your head. You are not going to be able to pay for your rerolling to the next fotm.
I wish people would drop this idea, if you want to see what the other advance class is, create a new Character, by the time you've learned how to play it effectively, you could have levelled it up to level 55 any way, and earned some Legacy levels. I personally hope EA never release it, and if they did I would want it to be 60,000 CC and another 60,000CC extra every time you switch.
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