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05.27.2013 , 01:40 AM | #5394
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Dr Carth have you been able to determine when the server has died? By my estimates Dalborra died of insufficient pop at 12:38am 27/05/2013 just wondering if you can confirm this.

Also since your unsubbing could you take snivy with you? INB4 nope.jpg, nope.png, nope.jpeg, nope.gif and nope.exe(the executable nope) and then allmy****s.jpg, lookhowmany****sigve.gif x10, that should cover snivy.
You have got to be the most pathetic pile of garbage on Dalborra atm all you have done since the merges to NA servers were announced is flood general chat with your tears are you worried you might miss your lolsweep targets with slightly higher ping? garbage pos.

p.s sorry you never played on Dalborra when both imp/rep fleets would get 300+ people on them and because you started playing with 100 ppl on fleet you think 80 people on the fleet is high lol.
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