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I am not at all bothered by a bit more latency (which is not lag).

but the fact they are putting NiM progression on the PTS means they are starting to care less about content. I'd say all of their in house QC are working on Cartel Items.
Latency and/or Lag, either way it is PVP and NiM OPs that are most affected by such. 2.2 is our servers being put out of thier misery, but not without the new content being mocking.

As for what content they have outside of Cartel Market coming out, depends on how much faith you have they developed anything of the content in the last year that wasn't already under developement before release and the gutting of the work force in the initial loss of players.

My faith is so diminished, I honestly wonder how long till we get NiM Flashpoints (level 55 versions of the classic HMs).
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