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05.26.2013 , 04:04 PM | #14
Blue: mDPS/mDPS
Orange: rDPS/Tank
Purple: rDPS/Heal
Yellow: Heal/Tank

Orange Phase: The rDPS in the middle, a tank, and the healers will be able to kill (or very close) the first Regulator before the 2nd one spawns. DPS running from one core to the other throw a couple of dots or hits as they run by.

Purple Phase: Kill one core and DPS the 2nd one low. Fail on purpose and burn the adds that spawn. Heal up and kill the last core.

Yellow Phase: 3 DPS work purely on the cores, a 4th DPS will only kill the Regulators that spawn. The lone-DPS should have no problem killing the first regulator before the 2nd on spawns. Again, the 3-DPS will throw a couple DOTs and hits on the Regulator as they run by. The 3 DPS on the cores will burn them down with a lot of time to spare.

My guild has been running it this way since the raid was released and rarely fail.