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I'll drop and put my guild way of doing it as well. It is somewhat similar to the ways already proposed, with slight differences here and there. It goes as follows:


We have the following setup before starting the encounter:
Blue color - healer + dps (melee dps if possible);
Orange color - tank + dps (range if possible);
Purple color - healer + dps (any dps would suffice);
Yellow color - tank + dps (range if possible. If you only have 1 range dps, he or she should be on this color);

Healers and tanks are channeling the consoles / buttons, while dps are staying in the middle of the room.

Blue phase.


Orange phase


Purple phase


Yellow phase


Transition / 2nd phase start.


Additional pointers.

  • Spread dps between the cores. 1 dps on 1 core, 2 dps on 2nd core. If your dps are good, when 1 core will die that solo-dps should bring his to around 60-40%. So 1 dps can go to the middle right away (usually the next "color phase" person) and help with the adds, while another dps goes to help with the remaining core;

  • I cannot say that enough - Regulators MUST be interrupted. Tank can solo interrupt 1 of them, so if the 2nd one spawns while 1st is still up, healer or dps should be on interrupt duty;

  • Positioning. Range dps can attack the cores almost from the consoles, minimizing the travel time between the cores. That might not be much, but every extra second helps, especially on later phases.

  • Blood thirst. If you have 1, use it on yellow phase;

  • Feel free to fail purple phase on purpose. It will give you the extra edge on yellow phase.

Hope that helps. Feel free to ask any additional questions.