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05.26.2013 , 04:48 AM | #2
Not sure why you expect to get any.

First of all, you can already farm planets even lower level than Nar Shaddaa with level 55 characters and get planetary commendations, so it has nothing to do with outleveling the content.

You will not get planetary commendations from any bonus series missions for reasons that should be fairly obvious if you know anything about what the commendations system was before 2.0, with planet specific commendations instead of just planetary commendations shared by all planets

To put it simply if you are on Hoth then you receive now planetary commendations from those missions that before 2.0 rewarded Hoth commendations. Once you did the bonus series however you outleveled the gear bought by the original Hoth commendations by so much it would not have made any sense for them to reward Hoth commendations anymore and it would not make sense either to have missions on Hoth to reward another planet's commendations, so therefore the bonus series awarded no commendations at all before 2.0

Since it did not reward any commendations before 2.0 it does not reward any now either, because the only change they made for leveling planets was to change the type of commendations on those missions that already did award commendations.