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05.25.2013 , 09:35 PM | #133
I got into an argument with a guild mate who basically said an assault VG couldn't break 2300. I came close, but I felt that I won the argument, because I am nowhere near BIS. I am certain a VG can hit 2500ish in Assault Spec if running BIS. Granted, other classes are doing more... But I did find that the VG can keep up on operations with other classes. I believe I made two mistakes, but they were minor.

Blackbox - Vanguard - Assault - 8/7/31 - 2286 Link

66 Barrel
66 Hilt
Bonus Damage = 1327
100%/110% Accuracy
22% Ranged Crit/28% Tech Crit
Aim 2948
DG Boundless Ages
EWH Boundless Ages
3 L55 Augs, 11L50 Augs